Kinan_AnbariI’m Dr. Kevin Anbari, and I specialize in hip and knee replacement surgery.  Over the years, I have noticed that our patients are very interested in learning about their conditions, and they are increasingly looking to the internet for answers to their questions.  I wanted to create this website to provide reliable information for patients and to share my experiences with them.

Over the last few years, you may have started to hear more and more about the anterior approach for hip replacement.  For me personally, I started to listen to surgeons discuss this more frequently at orthopaedic conferences and reporting excellent results.  Then, a few of my colleagues around the country started to perform the procedure a few years ago and they became enthusiastic proponents of it and urged me to offer it to my patients as well.  I went through a long and rigorous training process over more than a year to learn the nuances of the approach, as it is a fundamentally different way of approaching the hip joint and performing the surgery.  Back in 2011, this involved traveling to multiple courses, visiting with surgeons and scrubbing in on cases with them until I felt confident to offer the procedure to my own patients.  My surgical approach is very conservative in nature so I started slowly and wanted to examine objectively how my patients did with this new approach.  Within the first few months, I was converted, as I saw a significant difference in how quickly patients recovered and went back to everyday activity.  I see it every day in my office when patients return for their post-operative visits.  And the more patients I observe, the more I am convinced of this.  Over years, we have refined our techniques even more to make this as comfortable an experience for the person undergoing surgery as possible.

Since then, we have performed more than 600 anterior hip replacements.  Patients keep telling us that overall, this surgery has really improved their lives and we are very encouraged by that.  This has also allowed us to continue to share insights about the procedure with colleagues around the country.  I have also been been involved in teaching the procedure to other surgeons as well.  Overall this has been a really positive experience for our patients who have hip arthritis.

Certainly no surgical procedure is right for everyone, and every individual is unique.  Hip replacement sometimes has to be done through a traditional approach and that is still a very reliable and satisfying surgery for the patient.  So discuss with your surgeon whether hip replacement is right for you, and subsequently, which approach is best for you.

In this website, you will see some information on the anterior approach, including a description of the anatomy as well as the history of how this approach came about.  Also, I have included patients’ experiences, in their own words of what the surgical experience was like and how well they recovered.  There are also videos of patients walking after their surgeries.  Lastly, there are a couple of TV shows I have done discussing various aspects of hip replacement over the last few years.

2f8cf151f4a6f9cd91920b219a446bccI have also included information on knee replacement since at least half my patients see me for knee arthritis.  Many are candidates for total knee or partial knee replacements, and there are exciting developments in the field of knee replacement as well.  There are many testimonials on this site from knee replacement patients as well. You can also learn more about my knee replacement practice on my knee website, PAKneeDoc.com.

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